The Willmar Opportunity Zone area by Jared Eischen Cinematography


Since 2021, several notable construction projects have been underway or completed, including the new FedEx Distribution Center (a $30 million project), the Willmar Wye, a $52 million railroad bypass, and Unique Opportunities’ multi-family housing project, a four-building, 288-unit project. Notably, in 2022, Business View ranked Willmar as one of the top Micropolitan communities in Minnesota and #66 in the country.

The projected growth continues to build the confidence in business owners and community leaders who support expansion.

The Willmar Opportunity and Renaissance Zones are ideal locations for investors wishing to explore the city’s future. Review the OZ and RZ Willmar Prospectus to learn more.

Kandiyohi County has experienced sustained growth over the past eight years, with investments in medical, logistics, bioscience, manufacturing, institutional, retail, and housing.

Since 2006, private investment in the MinnWest Technology Campus has exceeded $27 million. Over 30 companies employing over 700 people call this campus home.

In 2023, Kandiyohi County successfully lobbied for $33 million in Corridors of Commerce funding to construct an interchange at MN 9 Hwy 23/ Hwy 9 in New London north of Willmar.

Since 2018, approximately $120 million has been invested in housing in Willmar. The KCED was involved in creating over 600 multi-family and single-family units, and over 200 housing units are underway in 2024.

In 2023, Willmar saw about $60 million in construction. Notable projects included a new linear accelerator in the Willmar Cancer Center at Rice Hospital, a FarmRite office and shop remodel, Foxhole Brewhouse, a TJ Maxx store, and the Block 25 Lofts. Construction in the rest of the county totaled over $40 million.

Implementation of the Child Care Economic Development Grant Program is projected to create over two hundred spaces throughout the county.

KCED continues to achieve funds in broadband accessibility to expand access across the county. This, housing, child care, industrial development and ag innovation are continuous focus areas in KCED’s work.

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