Bushmills Ethanol Inc.

Atwater, Minnesota | December, 2005 & January 2017

Bushmills Ethanol Inc. is a cooperative made up of roughly 400 farmers/member owners with an interest in making an economic impact in their regional community. This $62 million project took less than two years from the start of the capital campaign to launch. KCED assisted the project by helping to obtain a $6.2 million General Obligation tax abatement taxable bond. In 2017 Bushmills expanded its production from 65 million gallons to 100 million gallons a year. 

Read ‘First bushel of corn to be delivered to Bushmills Plant Monday’ from the West Central Tribune published in December 2005. Visit Bushmills Ethanol website to learn more.

Bushmills Ethanol sign in Atwater, MN
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