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KCED is your guide to community leadership through data knowledge, collaborative partnership introductions, development guidance, and advocacy that you need to make informed decisions on how to grow and vitalize your community.

Working in public service as a locally elected official is not easy. Not only are you navigating a political landscape of policy and permitting, budgets and infrastructure needs, and emergency preparedness, but you're also balancing the needs of your community—housing, child care, broadband accessibility, education, and medical access—all while building a sense of community.

KCED is prepared to help guide and support you through your journey. Areas that we provide assistance include:

sunburg community center
lake andrew town hall

Unlock the potential of economic development for your small community. Connect with us to discover tailored strategies, resources, and support that transform challenges into opportunities and help you achieve a greater understanding of how we work to serve you.

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Work with us to build a resilient and thriving community by achieving transparency into the work that is done for your city or township.

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