What is Broadband?

Broadband is defined as a high-capacity transmission technique using a wide range of frequencies, which enables a large number of messages to be communicated simultaneously. This is how the internet is accessed.

What are the types of broadband?

There are several types of broadband, or ways the transmission is delivered.

fiber wire in town
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Who provides fiber-optic broadband service in Kandiyohi County?

There are several telecommunications providers in Kandiyohi County that offer broadband internet service. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates interstate and international communications through cable, radio, television, satellite and wire. You can find the map of service providers' areas on the Federal Communications Commission website.

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Broadband Opportunities

for Businesses and Residents

The Line Extension Connection Program is administered by Minnesota’s Office of Broadband Development. The program's goal is to connect residents and businesses that lack access to broadband internet service to service providers and then assist in extending broadband to those locations.

Residences and businesses that are close to currently established providers and lines can review the full details of this program in the Line Extension Connection handout from DEED.

What you need to know:

You can apply if your current location lacks broadband service or has actual broadband speeds of less than 25/3 Megabytes per second.

How to apply:

You can learn more from the DEED Office of Broadband Development information sheet. Apply by visiting their website. You can also pick up a paper version of the application at KCED located at 222 20th Street SE, Willmar or call the line extension phone number at 651-259-7610.

K-12 Connect Forward is a group that is working to ensure that all students and teachers in Minnesota have access to scalable infrastructure, affordable high-speed bandwidth, and ubiquitous access for distance learning.

Learn more about the K-12 Connect Forward Initiative.  

This program is managed by the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development to provide specific funding resources from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Twelve federal agencies provide increased accessibility to communities and groups for specific instances including but not limited to distance learning and telemedicine, service providers, healthcare facilities, and low to moderate income communities.

Learn more about Financial Assistance.

Get assistance making a Community Broadband Roadmap and find toolkits for getting organized from numerous organizations here. Is your community ready for access? Visit the site today! 

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Examples of Funded Broadband Projects

Past Broadband Projects

Current Broadband Projects

Current Project Updates

Arctander, Dovre, Mamre, St. Johns or at four specific homes on 156th Avenue in Lake Andrew Township, your residence or business project is already funded. Please complete your Line Installation Permission Agreement you received in the mail from Federated Telephone.

Kandiyohi, Gennessee or Lake Lillian Townships a broadband development grant has been submitted for the building of fiber-optic in these townships to the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development. The state should announce if this project is being awarded by the end of the summer 2024.

Broadband cable installation
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Support Broadband Access

Broadband expansion projects across Minnesota improve the overall availability of high-speed internet service. To ensure all Minnesotans can connect, Minnesota must also address internet service affordability, device access, and digital skills.

Learn more about the State of Minnesota's priorities and projects and for further education by visiting the Office of Broadband Development webpage.

Not in an area that has a project or is being submitted for a project?

You can trust that KCED and partners continue to work to bring fiber-optic broadband to you. Talk to your township supervisors or city council members about your need and desire for broadband.

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