Housing Development in Kandiyohi County

Promoting housing development through community attraction and marketing, assistance in infrastructure investment and processes, support for housing initiatives, and coordination of data collection to build vital communities.

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KCED supports housing development in measurable ways.

  • Assisting site selectors and developers in identifying housing development locations.
  • Using existing partnerships with city and county officials to assist developers in smoothly navigating policy and permitting requirements through advocacy.
  • We work with key players to problem solve and gain funding for necessary infrastructure improvements such as power, broadband and water access to a site.
  • Collaborate with partners to collect relevant data related to housing. Read the housing study PDFs above.
  • Work personally with communities to identify specific housing needs and strive to connect them with developers specializing in their specific needs.
  • Celebrate and share the successes!
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Housing availability is vital

to economic growth and security

Access to housing impacts your communities, the growth and sustainability of your town or city and the overall quality of life in your city or township. Depending on where you live your city or county officials can help you understand specific zoning laws, and you may have a city planner that can share future plans. Affordability of housing and housing stock is a crucial piece of the puzzle to making housing accessible for everyone.

Learn more by contacting your community officials and city office or Kandiyohi County zoning and permitting

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Housing Development Success Stories

Block 25 Lofts ❯
Link for Block 25 Lofts

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