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Navigating the process of site selection and executing your development project can be challenging. We have the resources and connections you need for quick answers to your questions.

As a site selector or developer, you are confronted with countless challenges, from understanding if a site can physically support your project, to determining if the local community can provide the necessary resources — be it a particular electricity load or transportation needs. Each city and county often have their unique processes and permits, including incentives, making your task even more daunting. But don't worry! At KCED, we equip you with the right knowledge, familiarity and connections, supporting you throughout this process. We're here to jump through the hoops with you.

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Some Of The Benefits Of Working With Us

Unleash the full potential of your projects with our unparalleled network, expert guidance, and abundant resources. Take the first step towards success — connect with us now and turn your vision into reality. KCED offers a range of services to site selectors and developers to facilitate their projects and investments in the area.

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Site Selection Assistance

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Workforce Development Support

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Economic Incentives Guidance and Advocacy

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Networking and Collaboration

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Permitting and Regulatory Guidance

KCED facilitates connections between site selectors, developers, local businesses, and community stakeholders to foster collaboration and partnership opportunities. This may include organizing networking events, industry forums, and business matchmaking initiatives.

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