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KCED is your comprehensive partner in economic development solutions targeted for your business.

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We are invested in your business success

One of the main pillars of our work, beyond supporting new businesses, is retaining current businesses as well. We value your experiences and your expertise in your market. We want to learn from you and help you connect with the resources you need to continue to grow your business and enhance the region's economy.

Current businesses needing our assistance are facing a constraint that limits their mobility to grow, therefore limiting the economic growth of Kandiyohi County.

When a business is limited, an economy is limited, and this affects the well-being of citizens and communities as a whole. Business retention can also serve as the catalyst for community growth, providing proof of the need for continued broadband, housing, and child care development.

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We can help you in the following areas:

  • Develop or update your business plan
  • Find connections for funding
  • Support marketing, including market research
  • Provide regulatory guidance
  • Support infrastructure needs
  • Foster technology advancement and innovation
  • Provide workforce development resources
  • Increase community engagement and networking opportunities
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We know you are busy. Your time is valuable.

Allow us to expedite and simplify your journey toward unlocking your business's full potential by connecting you swiftly and effortlessly with the needed resources.

Businesses will experience personalized attention to their needs. They will not have to build relationships with governments or other companies that can support them, such as developers, city permitting officials, or county or city boards. KCED has fostered those partnerships and is ready to make those introductions for smooth solutions to advancements through problem solving.

You are ready to propel your business to the next level of success, but you need the resources easily and quickly.

Ready to unlock your full potential in Kandiyohi County?

Contact us now and let Kandiyohi County Economic Development be your gateway to success.

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