Highway 23 Corridor

Highway 23 Coalition has 100+ members, including 64 businesses, 14 cities, 2 townships and 12 counties fully supporting the effort to fill the gaps in four-lane access.

The Highway 23 Coalition has expanded its coverage and now covers from I-90 in Southwest MN to I-35 in Northeast MN.

The Highway 23 Coalition is appreciative of the Corridors of Commerce funding that was approved for the two four-lane gaps between Willmar and I-94. MnDOT District 8 is the lead entity for both gaps and is proceeding to develop and deliver these projects.

Recently District 8 has hired Isthmus Engineering to provide engineering services (e.g. final design, public engagement, permitting, etc.) for the North Gap. Land acquisition/ROW activities began in 2019. Construction of the first gap is expected to begin in 2022.

Highway 23 Priority Projects for 2020

  • Undertaking of a 4-Lane Preferred Route Safety Study that would encompass Highway 23 from Foley to Milaca. This study would determine the best route for a four-lane road.
  • Construction of a J-Turn in the City of Waite Park at the intersection of Bel Clare Drive and Highway 23. The intersection has become increasingly difficult for large trucks to maneuver because of traffic volume and speeds. The proposed changes will not interrupt traffic flow and would make the intersection safer for traffic entering from Bel Clare Drive. 
  • Construction of a CSAH 55 Overpass that would connect to the new Interchange at Highway 23 and County Road 5. This bridge over the BNSF railroad would tie into the new Willmar Railroad Wye project with a direct connection to the City’s Industrial Park.
  • Construction of a four-lane extension of Highway 23 north from the City of Marshall to the City of Green Valley, a distance of 4.5 miles. This project would continue the four-lane infrastructure on the Highway 23 Corridor and bring it closer to connecting with Highway 212.

Additional Plans

In addition, the Highway 23 Coalition has been supportive of an improved I-94/MN23 Interchange project, an important safety project near Waite Park. MnDOT District 3 is now in the process of moving up this project, if possible, from 2020 to this year. The Coalition appreciates District 3’s efforts in this regard.

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Highway 23 2020 Priority Projects

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