Luxury Walls and Floors

Luxury Walls and Floors is a gem located in the tiny township of Roseland, population of 346, nestled between the cities of Prinsburg and Blomkest in southern Kandiyohi County. Rarely does new business appear in this small community, and even more unique is the skill and service this business provides.

Owner, David Guerrero and his wife, Daisy Herandez, opened the business in March of 2024. The Willmar Lakes Chamber of Commerce summarized Luxury Walls and Floors perfectly when they wrote ‘With the mission to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary one brushstroke at a time, Luxury Walls and Floors is your exclusive source for premium decorative wall finishes and flooring including San Deco paints and plasters to add the look of luxury, opulence, and sophistication to any space in your home or business. Stop by to check out their boutique showroom filled with San Deco products that you won’t find anywhere else in the state of Minnesota. Explore the future of interior design, where luxury meets craftsmanship.”

luxury walls and floors in roseland mn

The business is a franchise, only one of 5 that currently exist, and only a maximum of 20 that will ever exist, reported Guerrero, whose company is under San Deco, Paint Manufacturing and Distribution, located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

luxury walls and floors in roseland mn owner

Guerrero, having a 14-year career as a tiler, was intrigued to learn more about the layered painting process and was attending a training in Florida, when Herandez mentioned San Deco to him. He took an extra road trip to visit, loved the product, and proposed opening a store in Minnesota. At first the owner wasn’t a fan of the idea, but shortly after leaving the office, Guerrero got a call; the owner had changed his mind. “He said, ‘I don’t know why, as I just told someone else no, but I trust you and will let” Guerrero told us, when asked why he thought the owner had a change of heart he answered, “I surround myself with positive people. God [will] give you the best.” A person of strong faith, the business, and its location, were meant to be as well and a “gift from God.”

If you are looking for unique solution to elevate your space, take the quick trip from Willmar to Luxury Walls and Floors, the artistic uniqueness of the walls and flooring options are as awe-inspiring as the store is.

When asked where he sees the business going he answered “I’m dreaming big all the time.” Kandiyohi County is privileged to have this business, and Guerrero, who is not only building a generational business and wealth, but building a valuable workforce as well. Guerrero and Herandez live in Willmar with their 3 children, ages 17, 14 and 5.

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