Spring 2023 Newsletter: Industrial Hemp for Consumer Products: CDB, CBG, THC from Hemponix

Spring 2023 Newsletter: Industrial Hemp for Consumer Products: CDB, CBG, THC from Hemponix

April 3, 2023

Spring 2023 Newsletter: Industrial Hemp for Consumer Products: CDB, CBG, THC from Hemponix

*This article was originally published in the’s EDC Spring 2023 Newsletter*

Walking into the Hemponix store in New London is like walking into a spa meets a holistic doctor’s office of sorts. The pink hue of a salt lamp shines onto a bottle of Hemponix Full Spectrum CBG Tincture, educational posters hang above well-organized tables with products, and a friendly face welcomes you, asks what they can do for you, and whether you are familiar with the products.

“The number of people that walk in out of curiosity and walk out saying ‘thank you so much!’ shows just how much education is needed around these products,” says Lauren Marquardt, Regional Manager at Hempoinx, who takes a holistic approach when helping customers find the right product. “It isn’t about the product when they walk in, it’s about them as a person.” While you may picture walking into a dispensary for the product you want, Marquardt will tell you it’s quite the opposite. “The people who come here sincerely want help achieving something that is needed in their lives. That could be the peace of mind free from anxiety or worry that keeps them up at night, it could be peace from the pain that constricts their quality of life. These products allow people access to that peace.”

With bags full of peace-inducing products customers also leave with a mind full of knowledge. And, there is plenty to learn. Let’s first dive into what hemp-derived consumer products are made out of. The plants grown on the Hemponix Farm, located in New London, Minnesota, are catered to genetics that are higher in CBD and CBG, but what does that mean? It starts with us, our human bodies. We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a network of receptors and chemicals found in our bodies that interact with cannabinoids, compounds of the cannabis plant, in very specific ways. “There are over 100 cannabinoids that we know of so far, but we only really know how our endocannabinoid system reacts with maybe a dozen of them,” Marquardt explained. Let’s break down the three most popular cannabinoids, CBG, CBD, and THC.

  • CBG, or cannabigerol, contains very low levels of THC; it does not induce a ‘high’ but instead tends to help with energy, and productivity, as well as reduces anxiety and is known to help gastrointestinal problems. “We find that it makes people happier and energetic, we say CBG-go-go” Marquardt said.
  • CBD, or cannabidiol, described as a relaxer also known in-store as ‘CBD-downer’, can be used as a natural pain reliever, and as a sleeping aid. Both CBD and CBG oils are extracted and used for both ingestible tinctures or edibles, as well as lotions and other topical products.
  • THC is complex, a balancing act has to be achieved for a plant to be harvested, if it measures over .3% it no longer can be used, it has crossed the threshold. Standing for tetrahydrocannabinol it is also the “great activator” said Sam Romain, CEO of Hemponix. THC not only produces that euphoric effect cannabis has historically been known for, but it can also assist with many positive medicinal effects of CBD and CBG through the entourage effect.”

The products that line the shelves of Hemponix range from a variety of products that are concentrated with only one type of cannabinoid, to combination products. Lotions, sore muscle rubs, gummies, tinctures, and more are all supported by the farm located just a few miles from the New London store. Here, a whole different level of education awaits.

Donning white jackets and entering the greenhouse, as Erin Riedell, Farm Manager, says, is like entering a sanctuary. There is a peacefulness present, you can feel the sense of “feeling grounded here” as Riedell told us when asked about what she enjoys most about her job. Here, she and Operations Assistant, Zion Alston, and owner, Kevin Ortenblad, run the growing and harvesting operations, including what was the initial spark of Hemponix, growing and harvesting seed. Today, the plants that are here are grown for the use of CBD and CBG products. Oil products, like the Hemponix CBG tincture, are made solely from Hemponix plants. There are specific New London Hemponix hemp variants, including New London Gold and White Buffalo. What makes these genetic variations unique – part of it is the terpenes. Terpenes are the chemical compounds found in a plant, carefully curated by how they are grown and tended to that create aromas, and flavors and may hold other specific health benefits.

The most amazing thing about Hemponix goes beyond its extensive line of products and hospitable service, it is truly in the spirit of the work the team puts in. All the plants grown on the farm are female, mothers, and daughters to one another.  Riedell and Alton nurse the plants with tender loving care, while those at the retail store, like Marquardt, share their knowledge and passions with customers. Hemponix has stores in New London and Willmar and plans to offer farm tours this summer.




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