Family Roots Chiropractic – Spicer, MN

Family Roots Chiropractic Spicer MN

Former resident Dr. Ashley Rath has returned to the Spicer area and moved her chiropractic business with her.  Photo Courtesy of Family Roots ChiropracticWith a specialty in prenatal and pediatric care, the name Family Roots Chiropractic is fitting.

Dr. Ashley has a passion to help children and families experience life in a healthier state.

She says, “health to me is about function. How well you are functioning is an indication of how healthy you are. In our office, we use technology to measure the function of your nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body including the respiratory, muscular, digestive, and immune function.  When the function of the nervous system improves, your whole body is affected and health improves.”

Dr. Ashley is knowledgeable in detecting and correcting neurological stress in all ages! She can be found in her newly renovated space just north of the hardware store in Spicer.

For a listing of their office hours, special events and more information look them up on Facebook or visit their website.

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