County fiber broadband project reaches 67% of goal

County fiber broadband project reaches 67% of goal

May 25, 2017

County fiber broadband project reaches 67% of goal

Pre-registrations for fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) for Kandiyohi County’s broadband project has reached 67% of its goal! Only 267 more people are needed. Hear more about the local project below.


Do you know that installation costs are waived for those in Kandiyohi County’s fiber broadband grant project? If you register after the project is completed, installation costs could be in excess of $1,500.

Register now with CTC at Check if you are in the project area by entering your address. If it says Congratulations, you are in the project area, please register by selecting Internet 100MB, click Next and complete each page of questions until you click Submit at the end.

Do you know that getting fiber broadband to your home or business could increase your home’s value and be a benefit when and if you sell?

Several articles1 discuss the following benefits of FTTP:

  • Fiber optic broadband that produces download speeds of 1 gigabyte per second can add about $5,400 to a home’s value or a 3.1% increase
  • Fiber transmits data tens or hundreds of megabytes per second faster than DSL or cable
  • Broadband access could make or break a home sale
  • High-speed Internet is as essential as electricity

Not convinced that fiber is the best option? Learn about the types of broadband connections and read the Fiber to the Home Council’s 2015 study on the impact of fiber.

1Fiber broadband has an impact on home values by First American Forsythe Appraisals; Fiber broadband access can boost home values by Computerworld; Why Fiber Has More Impact on Real Estate Value than Physical Location by Tom Collins

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