Marketing and Public Relations Committee

To promote economic growth of the greater Kandiyohi County area

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee meets at noon on the fourth Monday of each month most times at the Community Room of Heritage Bank, Willmar.


The KCED will strengthen its brand and build connections that advance its support and services through intentional marketing, outreach, and engagement in communities across Kandiyohi County.

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  • Enhance Brand/Visibility: Position the KCED with updated and consistent branding that enhances its ability to proactively increase awareness of the KCED. Ensure branding aligns with Kandiyohi County and/or other regional branding.
  • Promotion of Kandiyohi County: Identify and develop a cohesive county message and methods to promote the county as a place to work, start a business, or expand a business.
  • Intentional Messaging and Outreach: Identify key audiences and develop outreach opportunities and messaging to build relationships and share/gather relevant and important information about Kandiyohi County Economic Development and the work of the KCED.

VISION OF IMPACT: Kandiyohi County Economic Development is recognized as a leader in driving economic opportunity, growth, and prosperity in the county, state and beyond.

  1. Complete updating of the KCED brand/logo/website while ensuring alignment/consistency with other applicable county rebranding efforts.
  2. Provide regular and relevant content through social media and a newsletter.
  3. Advance outreach efforts in rural cities and townships through invitations to KCED events/meetings and participation in events throughout the county.
  4. Develop an activity calendar for the KCED website that links existing economic/workforce development activities/resources.
  1. The KCED is better positioned with a new identity that presents a memorable impression and helps convey the value of the KCED.
  2. Businesses and community advocates are better informed of the work of the KCED and key economic trends and workforce activities through advanced communications and outreach.
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Marketing and Public Relations Committee

Committee Members

Ann Winge Johnson ❯
Link for Ann Winge Johnson
Ben Carlson ❯
Link for Ben Carlson
Emily Lien ❯
Link for Emily Lien
Jesse Gislason ❯
Link for Jesse Gislason
Pam Rosenau ❯
Link for Pam Rosenau
Patrick Gilmore ❯
Link for Patrick Gilmore
Tiffany Hintz ❯
Link for Tiffany Hintz
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Committee Meeting Minutes

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