MinnWest Technology Campus

The MinnWest Technology Campus was founded in 2006 after a group of forward-thinking bioscience and technology companies purchased the 100-acre property from the state of Minnesota. Originally constructed in 1907, the campus was home to one of Minnesota’s oldest state-owned and operated healthcare facilities. By 2004, many of the healthcare jobs on the campus had been relocated, leaving mostly empty buildings and a significant loss of jobs in the area.

What followed was a massive re-purposing from a state-owned facility to a privately-owned business community in one of the region’s most successful ‘green’ initiatives.  See our informational flyer on the Campus.

Major Investment in Phases

The campus has been improved in stages. During its first two years, upgrades to the infrastructure totaled more than $6 million and a new data center and cafeteria were added. By the end of 2008, there were 12 business tenants and more than 200 full-time employees housed on the campus.

Another $4 million in capital improvements was made by 2011, including the addition of an on-campus daycare, and the number of business tenants was 28 with more than 320 full-time employees.

The next three years saw an additional $5 million investment.  Today, the campus has 33 business tenants with more than 550 employees.  There are also 4 state-of-the-art R&D labs, including a University of Minnesota Extension Level II clean room and teaching lab with a DNA sequencing machine—the only one of its kind in Minnesota outside of the Twin Cities and Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Ideal Business Culture

With its historic buildings, manicured grounds and amenities like a fitness center, pool, cafeteria, on-campus daycare and meeting space, the MinnWest Technology Campus is an ideal place for businesses, both large and small.

Local, Regional and Global

The MinnWest Technology Campus is home to companies that love the local flavor, but have global reach.

A few examples: Life-Science Innovations administrates a network of affiliate companies throughout Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and China. Prinsco’s corporate office manages 11 manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Nova-Tech Engineering supports more than 130 companies in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Select Genetics is the largest supplier of turkey poults in the world, producing 45 million eggs and poults annually. Epitopix holds 30 U.S. and 77 international patents in the areas of animal vaccines, many of which have vastly improved the health of the world’s food supply.

As the MinnWest Technology Campus moves forward, its innovative and collaborative culture will continue to strengthen the business community in Kandiyohi County, making it the perfect place for cutting-edge companies to locate.


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