Kandiyohi County and its residents have made a huge commitment to supporting education. In 2017, two local levy referendums were successfully passed in Willmar and New London-Spicer for capital construction of buildings. The county as a whole is served by several school districts with reputations for excellent education. All of our school districts are proud of their impressive showings on the Basic Skills Test and Comprehensive Assessment tests administered by the state of Minnesota. To get a better idea of what Kandiyohi County has to offer in the educational realm, take a look below at some of the unique qualities each district or school brings to the region.

Public Schools

1. Four-day school week (Tuesday-Friday)
2. National Blue Ribbon School for grades K-6
3. College in the Schools Courses
4.Participant in Kandiyohi CEO Program
5. Modern facilities

1. Free Preschool Programs
2. Integrated Technology
3. College in the Schools Courses
4. Growing enrollment rates
5. Expanded transportation routes

1. Project-based learning (7-12th Grade)
2. Small class sizes (avg. 15-18 students)
3. Unique art/theatre groups
4. Service projects throughout the year
5. Partners with CMCS for athletics

1. Extensive list of extra-curriculars
2. College in the Schools Courses
3. Free transportation for surrounding communities
4. Area Learning Program
5. Driver’s education during the regular school day

1. Participant in Kandiyohi CEO Program
2. NLS Community Fitness Center
3. State-of-the-art facilities & technology
4. Small class sizes and 100% graduation rate
5. 4-star Parent Aware Early Childhood Education Program

1. Excelling choral department
2. Extended bus routes
4. KMS Early Childhood Initiative (ECI)
5. Adult/Youth enrichment opportunities

1. High number of extra-curriculars
2. Diverse performing arts (band/choir) opportunities
3. Free busing for students
4. Impressive student ethic distributions
5.Participant in Kandiyohi CEO Program

Private Schools

1. Impressive student to teacher ratios (12:1)
2. Brand new facilities
3. Increasing enrollment rates
4. Strong performing arts
5. Inclusive bus transportation

1. Recent expansions completed and more in progress
2. Specialized instruction for Elementary students
3. College in the Schools Courses
4. Foreign language opportunities
5. Low student to teacher ratios (15:1)

Community and Technical College

1. #31 out of 851 in the best Community Colleges in America
2. Job placement over 94%
3. Low student to instructor ratios (17:1)
4. Customized Training and Continuing Education Program
5. Online courses and training